Help us fund our Jacques et Lilie Coffee Van!


This is it! We have decided to take the leap and make our dream of converting a french vintage car into a coffee van happen. But we need your help to do it.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for a 2CV van - as well as the costs of converting it into a coffee van, like a fancy coffee machine and lots of beans.

Click the link and help us out however you can - there are rewards and prizes for donations, as well as the knowledge that you are getting a couple of family bakers out onto the road!,41-b30174c0d8ca4346&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

We hope to start 2019 with our new coffee van.                                                       Your support would mean everything to us as any donation whatever the size means getting closer to our dream.

Thanks again and don't hesitate to spread the word by sharing!